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In beautiful Beaufort County, South Carolina lies the town of Bluffton with a population of 1,275 people as of the 2000 Census. Bluffton is known for its rapid development, currently among the fastest in the state of South Carolina. A large amount of land has been annexed in the last few years leaving behind the old "1 Square Mile" adage.

Bluffton History

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Discovered by Patrick Briody.During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the area comprising southern Beaufort County was known as Granville County of St. Luke’s Parish. As the Yemassee Indians had established ten towns with over 1,200 inhabitants in that area, it was considered “Indian Lands.” In 1715, the Yemassee War broke out and after several years of fighting, the Yemassee tribe migrated to Florida, opening the “Indian Lands” to European settlement. In 1718, the Lords Proprietors carved the area into several new baronies, including the Devil’s Elbow Barony that contained the future town of Bluffton.

The Town of Bluffton was eventually built on two adjoining parcels in the Devil’s Elbow Barony purchased by Benjamin Walls and James Kirk. The first homes were constructed during the early 1800s by area plantation owners seeking the high ground and cool river breezes as an escape from the unhealthy conditions present on Lowcountry rice and cotton plantations. Easy access by water provided more incentive for expansion and the many tidal coves afforded excellent locations for residences. The first streets were formally laid out during the mid-1800s and the name of Bluffton decided upon during the same period.

Heyward House
The Heyward House, built as a summer home for a local plantation owner, was constructed CIRCA 1840 and is one of only eight antebellum homes remaining in the Lowcountry coastal town of Bluffton.

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Known for its historic charm and relaxed Lowcountry lifestyle, Old Town Bluffton is alive with rich history, boutique shopping, a vibrant arts community and mouthwatering Lowcountry cuisine. Just over the bridge from Hilton Head Island, Old Town Bluffton can be a fun day trip or a weekend getaway, either way there’s plenty to do and see in the Old Town.

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