Welcome to Beaufort, South Carolina

The small town of Beaufort, SC is quite sophisticated for its size. The quality of life here can't be matched. As Beaufort has seen the growth of the country from the days of the Revolutionary War, you can see the history of the area reflected in the architecture of the homes and buildings all around you. It adds a rich ambiance of pride to the community at large.

What's not to love about Beaufort? The sun shines here most days of the year. Winters and summers are mild. The gorgeous coastline and beautiful beaches are just more benefits.

This tidy little gem of a town seems to have been torn out of the pages of an old book, all restored and ready for horse-drawn carriage rides through the Historic District. Looking up the moving company's phone number yet? Living here must be like a daily vacation. The museums and cultural events would keep anyone busy, but the shops and dining are like honey to a bear. Who is not going into "The Chocolate Tree?"

Can anyone say Shrimp 'n Grits? We've got it. Gumbo, shell fish, crab, bass and flounder are on the menu, fresh and cooked to perfection. There are shrimp dishes to rival Bubba's list from the film, "Forrest Gump." That was filmed in Beaufort, along with "The Big Chill" and other blockbusters. It's easy to see the appeal - Beaufort is a beautiful town.

The Gullah Festival, Shrimp Festival and the Water Festival are just the beginning of the outdoor events held here in the entertainment capital of South Carolina. Savannah, forty miles south, might object to that title, but that's not a long ride. The Beaufort River is the scene of boat and kayak tours and charters for fishing, crabbing, shrimping and sailing. The marina downtown is easy to find and has many of these attractions.

The ecological concerns in this area have preserved an unspoiled salt-marsh habitat that is home to slews of bird species, local and migratory. Birders nearly swoon from the possibilities. There are more well-maintained nature trails than many larger populations support. The beaches are equally clean and beautiful all around Beaufort.

Packing those boxes? Neighborhood experts are ready to assist all lucky move-in residents with all details of a relocation. It may seem like a holiday, but details must be attended to when moving. The vacation life is waiting for you. Find the perfect house in the perfect town.

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